Magnetic Alliance: Official Premier Pipedrive Partner 2022

Magnetic Alliance: Official Premier Pipedrive Partner 2022

Being an official Pipedrive partner would bring another step toward Magnetic Alliance’s commitment to serving as an first-class head-office for its clients seeking growth and improvement in their business and life.

Adelaide, SA, 23 March 2022 – Magnetic Alliance became an Official Premier Pipedrive partner, a world leading CRM software that puts the needs of salespeople first.

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps users visualise their sales processes and get more done in less time. The co-founders understood from experience that in sales, as in life, results can’t be controlled but actions can. With that in mind, they set out to create Pipedrive around activity-based selling, a proven approach that’s all about scheduling, completing, and tracking activities.

Before using Pipedrive, Magnetic Alliance’s search for a sales-first automation platform began over 7 years ago, when the company experienced dissatisfaction with the CRM’s it was using at the time.

Michael Cap, who heads Magnetic Alliance’s CRM and Automations arm, spearheaded an extensive process of finding the best automation tools in the market.

Michael said, “We wanted a CRM that would seamlessly streamline sales processes, monitor sales team’s activities, and provide visibility on sales numbers and performance in one platform,”

Through extensive research and comparison, Pipedrive stood out among other CRM systems because of its smart yet user-friendly interface that led Magnetic Alliance to implement Pipedrive across all its business portfolio. The company now uses Pipedrive across business services, logistics, insurance claims management, cyber security, and is a standard throughout the group.

Since plugging in Pipedrive, Magnetic Alliance has managed to easily handle its higher sales volume with the sales team finding the CRM very easy and a pleasure to use. The ability to customise Pipedrive and build in our sales processes has made processes far more efficient and systematic.

Magnetic Alliance has been helping its clients set up their CRM’s and has received positive feedback after helping them structure their sales systems with the help of Pipedrive. The positive response along with a strong market need for a sales CRM has encouraged our business to offer this invaluable tool as a service, which as resulted in Magnetic Alliance in becoming a premier Pipedrive partner in 2022.

“A lot of the time, people don’t actually use their CRM properly because it is not set up and implemented to help make sales flow easily making it too difficult to adopt, too technical, or just too much work.” Michael stated.  

When asked how Pipedrive will help bring success to Magnetic Alliance, Michael remarked that not only will the tool strengthen the company’s lead generation, sales capability, and client management, but will also make the same thing possible for our clients. This strategic partnership will allow Magnetic Alliance to become the best CRM implementation partner in Australia and help its clients focus on scaling up, boosting sales with more ease and simplicity.

As the official Pipedrive partner, Magnetic Alliance offers CRM set-up and implementation services to hit the ground running for your sales automation and client management processes.

For enquiries, please contact Michael Cap at michael@magneticalliance.com.au

Magnetic Alliance offers business growth and improvement services to businesses that seek to overcome the risks and challenges commonly experienced by growing companies. It has developed a 1st class head office, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, to provide access to a suite of unique tailor-made services, namely business growth, financial visibility & control, building high-performing teams, and systems & automation. Its services typically help clients increase their revenue, margins, profit, and business value while reducing their stress, freeing up their time so they can create the lifestyle they love.



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