Magnetic Goal Setting Course

Magnetic Goal Setting Course by Magnetic Alliance


How to define your purpose, create goals, and develop an action plan to get you to where you need to be.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to achieve big dreams in your personal life and business, but don’t have a clear structure on how to set goals…

We have developed this Magnetic Goal Setting Course that will show you how to create specific goals and turn them into actionable tasks, so you can make those dreams become a reality. We created this course specifically for both entrepreneurs and business owners to encapsulate the nature of both personal and business goals.

Unlike other courses that only show you the how but don’t give you steps to follow through, this unique video-series will teach you how to define your inner purpose, develop your personal vision and mission for yourself and your business. This also helps give you direction, motivation, and a way to track your progress. 

Instead of getting caught up in doing so many things and end up putting aside what’s important, this course will help make it easier for you to work on what you really want and create a plan to get there.

Product Features


Show you how to define your scary but inspiring goals so you can turn them into actionable tasks that all align to your deeper purpose.

Help you create a solid vision and mission for yourself and your business so you can gain clarity on the driving forces that influenced your intent to set goals.

Teach you how to write your goals down line by line so you can find the motivation you need to see your goals through until its completion.

Show you how to break down bigger goals into smaller daily goals and simple actions so you can work on taking steps to achieving them.

Guide you on how to track the progress of your goals each day so you can set your plans in motion and commit to it.

Help you stay focused on achieving your ultimate business and personal goals so you can avoid being taken off course.

Show you how to tweak and improve your goals so you learn to stay in the right direction

Why Choose Magnetic Alliance

Developed for us and our team, because we wanted to learn something that was concise, complete, and interconnected.

We are Australia’s Multi Award-winning Leading Firm for Business Growth & Development and we created this specifically for business owners and their teams to focus on both business and personal goals.

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